Branding – Ft. Ironman

May 6, 2021

⭐ Branding – the art, the science & the Misconceptions – we are bringing in some clarity with the help of Ironman. ????

A logo is not a brand, most people believe a logo is a brand, it’s a very shallow understanding of the concept of branding.

Even a lot of great entrepreneurs and decision-makers make this mistake because it’s a unique and dedicated field of study of human behavior science, and it’s always dynamic and changing based on people and their culture and perceptions.

A great brand starts with a clear vision to create a perception, and how we achieve it by sharing a promise of value and consistently delivering on it.

Most people focus on the cosmetics and the aesthetics parts, while this is very important for creating a positive perception, internal health and vitality are even more important.

So when planning to build a brand always start from the core, what’s the need? What’s the problem you are solving? And why should people care?
Then focus on the style and design.

Great brands live in the minds and hearts of people, the better you understand this the better you can serve them.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs and startups do branding in a ritualistic fashion. Create a crazy complex logo that is too subjective and hard to remember, since they are not focusing on the audience objectively, and they start focusing on themselves. We have done those mistakes too, that’s how we all learn and improve, but when we are investing heavily it might become a very expensive mistake.

So it is always wise to think long term, and consult with professionals who have done this before be it other experienced entrepreneurs, Brand Strategists, and even show it out to a lot of people (target audience) and seek criticism because we are trying to build something that can last for a very long time and to leave a mark behind, if you do it right, it will last forever.

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