YSR Films


Infinite Possibilities

The goal was to come up with a logo system, One of the most interesting developments in the field of Logo design so far.

A logo system is a graphical framework that adapts to different situations. On the other hand, logo systems use a series of marks or the multiple iterations of a mark to communicate a specific aspect of a brand.

In simpler terms, the logo’s main structure remains the same, but it’s impregnated with different imagery or made to look a little different with each viewing.

Whatever Happens, Happens for the Good!

YSR Evolution

The Process

After a lot of discussions and brainstorming. We came up with thousands of sketches and hundreds of illustrations. And exactly at the 52nd illustration, something amazing happened.

We found this design which was simple yet so beautiful, It was love at first sight. It was literally a miracle to us, because it was an Ambigram. It’s one of those rare shapes, a once in a lifetime thing that happens only with luck, where even inverted it still looks the same.

If it was any other combination say WSR or KSR or ZSR, It wouldn’t have worked. It had to be YSR


An Ambigram is a play with Optical Illusions, Symmetry and Visual Perception. Some Ambigrams feature a relationship between their form and their content. Ambigrams fall into one of several categories, the most famous is the rotational, in which a word can still be read when rotated, usually to 180 degrees.This kind of typographic play is not frequently used due to its difficulty, but when it is well-done, it is sure to stick into the viewers mind.

Our Best Work Yet

We spent a lot of time, Listening to Yuvan’s music while working on the designs, probably that should reflect. Yuvan touches Millions of People with his music and brings happiness and healing to lot of people.

This gave us a sense of purpose that we were working on something which was bigger than all of us, that’s exactly the reason why we put our heart and soul into this. And we loved every moment of it.